Fuel efficiency promise with Sumitomo
Ngày đăng: 19/01/2009 02:00:47

The very first Sumitomo SH130-5 to arrive in New Zealand was recently delivered by local distributor AB Equipment to Waikato-based heavy farm contracting and drainage work specialist, Peter Goodwin Contracting


The latest in the Sumitomo Dash 5 series, the 12-tonne SH130-5 model replaces the 12-tonne SH120-3, which to date has been Sumitomo's most successful excavator.


With a new engine and very quiet SIHS (Sumitomo Intelligent Hydraulic System), the Sumitomo Dash 5 series provides a 20 percent improvement in fuel economy over the Dash 3 series, and in some instances is up to 15 percent more efficient than other competitive brands. This is achieved with the new ‘Space 5' engine, which features a common rail high compression fuel injection system, exhaust gas reticulation mixing gas with air to reduce combustion temperature and a turbo inter-cooled engine.


"After only a short time on the new Sumitomo SH130-5 I was convinced I had made the right choice," says Peter Goodwin.

"Three hours of continuous use and I noticed the fuel gauge had hardly dropped. This indicates good economy in my opinion."


Traction forces, digging speeds and cycle times have been boosted with the new SIHS hydraulic design. It is said to provide an eight percent increase in bucket digging force, a 24 percent increase in bucket closing speed, a four percent increase in traction force and a seven percent improvement in arm closing speeds under heavy excavation, with a five percent increase in workload performance using SP (Speed Priority) mode.


"The smoothness of the hydraulics was something that immediately stood out over the old model," says Goodwin.


High performance filters keep the hydraulic oil at its optimum, increased hydraulic component life provides less downtime and a further reduction in costs, while the improved EMS (Easy Maintenance System) keeps the pins and bushes lubricated at all times, minimising wear and further extending their life.


For more information call 0800 30 30 90 or contact AB Equipment at one of its 14 branches located nationwide.