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SUMITOMO Training Center

In October 2015, Sumitomo launched operation of a new training center in Chiba, Japan.

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Buy a mini Excavator


Excavators are the integral parts of a construction work. Whether it is a small construction work or a big project, an excavator can perform its duty efficiently and effectively. Though using a full size excavator can do the big constructional projects, a small constructional project does not need a big excavator.

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Excavator in kids toys

Toys are the most enticing things for any kid. They will forget all the hazards of this mundane world if they are provided with a toy. A toy gives a kid the liberty to enjoy or create his own world, which may be starkly different from reality. It gives a kid a golden chance to forge his own world of imagination, which is certainly free from the boredom of this mundane world. Though the market is replete with numerous kinds of toys, construction toys are making a difference in this field.