The ABC of excavator
Updated: 19/02/2009 02:47:54

Excavator is a machine used by the civil engineer. The main function of the excavator is to dig the earth during the foundation of the building. It is comprised of a boom stick, which is nothing but a joined arm, a cab, which is located on the spin of the undercarriage along with the wheels and a bucket. It is designed in such a way that it looks like a natural sequence of the scoop.

There are varied uses of excavator. The main function of an excavator is to raze a building. However there are many other excavators that are used for many other functions. For instance Grapple Excavator is used the foundation of the building, handling material, for landscaping purpose, for heavy lifts such as setting and lifting the pipes, razing, mining except open pit mining, river dragging and cutting with a type of brush along with the hydraulic attachment etc.


Different excavators are available in the market in different sizes. The smallest excavator is known as mini or compact excavator. The manufacturer produces a mini or a compact excavator weighing near about 1470 kg or 3240 lb. The size of the bucket in this type of excavator is 0.036 cubic meter at most and the broadness of the track can accordingly be adjusted to 35 inches or 89 cm. The same company can also produce the largest excavator, which can weigh around 187,360lb or 84,980 kg. The size of the bucket is almost 4.5 cubic meters. There are some other companies, which produces mini excavator that can set itself through the doorway, and the track can be attuned to the width of 28 inches or 70 cm.


In the present days the work of excavator has exceeded beyond imagination. Nowadays the range of its work has expanded to a great extent. With the launch of hydraulic excavator, the works of the engineers have become quite easy. Hydraulic excavator comprises of grapple, breaker and auger, which have proved its versatility in the engineering work apart from excavating. There are many excavators which features quick attach system of mounting. This system allows a simplified way of attaching and is in great demand in the jobsite. Excavator works together with a bulldozer and a loader. Most of the compact excavators have consists of a backfill blade. This blade resembles a bulldozer and is linked to the undercarriage. Their main function is to push and remove the earth in the hole.


Excavators are also known as diggers. Tracked excavators are commonly known as trackhoes. Sometimes excavators are also known as fronthoes. The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training School provides training for the use of the excavator. Some of the well known manufacturers of excavator are New Holland, Bobcat Company, O&K etc.



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