The various kinds of excavators
Updated: 19/02/2009 02:10:22

A bucket wheel excavator is equipment used by the civil engineers for mining the surface of the earth. It is a very weighty machine and perhaps it is the most enormous automobile ever constructed. In the human history MAN Takraf RB293 is the biggest vehicle. It has its name in Guinness book of world record as the largest machine ever made. The excavator comprises of a large wheel that rotates on the arm of the machine.

The outer part of the wheel consists of a number of buckets. As the wheel rotates the bucket fixed on it starts removing the soil from the earth and throws it into a conveyor. Sometimes many conveyors are placed one after the other which are supported by the base of vehicle. The largest bucket wheel excavator is about 100 meters high and 200 meters long. It weighs about 13,000 tons and has the capacity of 12,000 m³/h.These machines are very costly. It costs around $100 million and needs five people to operate the machine. In addition to these it also needs five years to assemble this machine.


There are some other well known excavators which are much smaller in size. Compact hydraulic excavator is one such excavator weighing about .7 to 7.5 metric tons. It consists of a free swing and a standard blade that is backfill. This excavator is also known as mini excavator. The mini excavator is quite different from other excavator and has some uncommon function. In this machine all the works are performed by the relocation of the hydraulic fluid. It is for this reason it is known as hydraulic excavator. The blade of the machine starts functioning with the pressure of hydraulic fluid on the hydraulic cylinder.


The back fill of the blade of mini excavator comprises of workgroup, house and undercarriage. The workgroup of the mini excavator further comprises of dipper also known as arms, boom and attached auger, breaker, bucket etc. These attachments are linked to the structure of the house of the excavator through a frame. The second part of the blade is house. It comprises of hydraulic pump, engine compartment, etc. The movement of the workgroup and house together allows the slew to rotate, which is situated in the undercarriage. The moving house assembly of the excavator is commonly known as slew.


Undercarriage of the excavator is composed of rubber, rollers, drive sprockets and related structure. The main function of under carriage is to support workgroup and house structure. Free swing is another important part of an excavator. The main function of this part is to maintain a balance during digging. It can also be used in a narrow area where the rotation of the cab is not possible.



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