SH350HD-5 series achieves longer work times at lower cost
Ngày đăng: 02/12/2010 09:55:36


The new-style SH350HD-5 also contributes to reduced running costs.


Durability and Economy

Showing its strength on tough work sites


Released last autumn, the new-style hydraulic excavator, SH350HD-5 is attracting everyone's attention. The SH350HD-5 improves upon previous models in terms of durability and economy. Sumitomo's highly-appraised, unique engine system (SPACE 5) and hydraulics system (SIHS) have been installed, facilitating a reduction in fuel consumption by a further 5%, while improving operational performance. In addition, it is a "well packaged excavator" that makes new advancements in comfort and safety features, such as the achievement of extended cab-visibility and increased strengthening.


Operational report


The durability and economy of the SUMITOMO SH350-3B has been demonstrated on site. At construction aggregate work sites in the lime quarries of Fujian Province, China it completed 10,000 hours of continuous operations. Our clients there made daily checks and actively carried out basic maintenance such as the changing of worn parts within their standard work-life. In addition, SUMITOMO engineers also visited the site to carry out detailed checks of the machinery at 3000hr, 5000hr, 7000hr and 10,000hr intervals. Apart from the standard replacement of worn parts, there were no notable breakdowns, and in the harshest of work conditions on the aggregate sites it achieved 10,000hrs of continuous operation.


From SUMITOMO Construction Equipment NEWS vol.2