New Model Asphalt Paver HA90C Debut
Ngày đăng: 02/12/2010 09:58:51

SUMITOMO has released the HA90C. It boasts the installed 3.0m-7.5m extensible screed, which is a world first. With a potential maximum paving width of up to 9.0m when extension screeds are attached, it is now attracting considerable attention within the paving industry.


Asphalt Paver Product Innovations

Unbeatable extensibility and surface smoothness provided by the J-Paver Series



Sumitomo Construction Equipment's extensible screed "J-Paver" has been developed by our world-class design and engineering team. It realizes high quality paving surfaces (quality of finish, smoothness, density) through a screed structure that other companies are unable to emulate.


In order to strengthen resistance against the strain of forward-back/left-right movements, four guide-pipes have been employed, making a high quality paving surface achievable on even the toughest of work sites. Furthermore, through use of the STV (Strike-Off Tamper Vibrator), paving materials are aligned ahead of the tamper by the installed strike-off, allowing the creation of a smooth, clean paving surface. In addition, the easily employed "Power face height adjustment" and "Power crown adjustment" functions contribute greatly to operational efficiency when carrying out paving.


Having conducted test operations, it has already received high appraisal in Japan and China, and has stoked a wealth of interest in China and elsewhere. You can expect great things from Sumitomo Construction Equipment's Asphalt Paver "J-Paver Series".


From SUMITOMO Construction Equipment NEWS vol.2