A message from the President
Ngày đăng: 24/12/2012 11:17:34

In 2013, we at SUMITOMO will celebrate our 50th anniversary in the construction machinery business. Over this half century, machine performance has improved dramatically through tecnological innovation. SUMITOMO is a construction machinery manufacturer of unique equipment including excavators as well as asphalt pavers. To date, we have manufactured a total of 175,000 excavator units, and we have provided this machinery to over 70 countries.


The construction machinery market is growing at a steady pace regardless of the great changes in the world economy, and at the same time up-and-coming countries are emerging as market players to compete with developed countries. To accommodatethis change in demand , SUMITOMO constructed its first overseas plant in Tangshan city, Heibei province, China, in 2009. Our production plan for this facility is to manufacture 5,000 machines per year. Also, in 2011, a plant designed to produce products for ASEAN markets was constructed in Karawang, West Jawa, Indonesia with manufacturing capacity of 2,000 machines per year.


As seen in these examples, we are consolidating our coporate structure to supply high-performance construction machines to the world market.


In order to ensure that we make our customers around the world happy, SUMITOMO makes it a practice to survey customer needs from various markets and utilize this information in product development. We also work continuously to improve machine performance, quality, cost saving, and serviceability. Above all, our focus at SUMITOMO has been on environmental issues, and therefore on designing highly energy-efficient products. Our current models are known for their excellent performance, which ranks among the best in the world. SUMITOMO will continue to reinforce its product competitiveness, as we work to further develop as a construction machinery manufacturer. Our goal is to make products that are superior to those of our competitors on fuel-efficiency, operation, and safety.


As everyone is aware, Japan's Tohoku region was struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011. Our local parts manufacturers were so severly damaged by the earthquake and tsunami that they were forced to suspend parts supply to our plants, which in turn seriously affected our prduct levels. SUMITOMO apologizes for any inconvenience caused by delays in supplying machines stemming from these disasters. We also would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and distributors around the world for sending messages of encouragement to us during this difficult period.


President of Sumitomo Construction machinery Mikko Ide