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SUMITOMO Training Center

In October 2015, Sumitomo launched operation of a new training center in Chiba, Japan.

Sumitomo Asphalt Pavers Take an Active Role on Vietnam’s Highways

At the beginning of August, 2014, Sumitomo's new model - the HA60C-8 - was delivered to the job site of the new highway project of Lao Cai, which is contiguous with the Chinese border.

First SH210-5 Amphibious Excavator Delivered to Vietnam

The Lach Huyen port infrastructure construction project is now underway in Haiphong, Vietnam.

ASEAN Distributor Conference 2014 Held In Kuala Lumpur

The 3rd ASEAN distributor conference was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on April 4th, 2014. Seven distributors together with Sumitomo discussed bolstering sale of Sumitomo excavators as well as how to improve cutomer satisfaction.

A message from the President

In 2013, we at SUMITOMO will celebrate our 50th anniversary in the construction machinery business. Over this half century, machine performance has improved dramatically through tecnological innovation. SUMITOMO is a construction machinery manufacturer of unique equipment including excavators as well as asphalt pavers. To date, we have manufactured a total of 175,000 excavator units, and we have provided this machinery to over 70 countries.

Airport paving in Japan


In Japan, major efforts are being made to both conserve energy and materials, while also delivering high quality airport runways. At Haneda Airport, as well as at the Fukuoka, Chitose and Sendai airports, innovative use is being made of asphalt paving equipment from Sumitomo. The latest model HA60W J paver from Sumitomo is being used to lay warm mix asphalt, while the contractors is also using sophisticated control technology.

New Model Asphalt Paver HA90C Debut

SUMITOMO has released the HA90C. It boasts the installed 3.0m-7.5m extensible screed, which is a world first. With a potential maximum paving width of up to 9.0m when extension screeds are attached, it is now attracting considerable attention within the paving industry.

SH350HD-5 series achieves longer work times at lower cost


The new-style SH350HD-5 also contributes to reduced running costs.