With many years of experience in the fabrication of heavy machinery and undercarriages, Ultratrex is proud to present you with the latest functionally designed amphibious excavators built for critical work on land, marshland, swampy land and river ways.


Having good working knowledge on adverse working conditions, Ultratrex machines are designed to be totally functional, stable and cost effective. You will have the confidence of buying a machine that gives maximum uptime and lowest operating cost, in any environment. Excavators are built with advance designed pontoons that will ensure effective flotation no matter what the weight of the machine.


In support of world wide usages of excavators, Ultratrex also cater to customized designs of various types of attachment parts and is able to deliver it any where in the world with quick delivery times. Ultratrex also custom built bulk handling equipments and long reach working arms for extreme conditions.


When you buy an Ultratrex machine, you will be assured of

  • Top quality and workmanship
  • Functional designs
  • Lowest cost of operation
  • Guaranteed spare parts delivered any where in the world.
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