Ambitious Excavator    


An AMPHITREX is an Amphibious Excavator that is designed for working in harsh environments like water bogged soft grounds, swampy lands and shallow waterways. The excavator is fitted with large pontoons. If need be, the Amphitrex can even float in the water like a boat and it can also be propel by its own power on the waterway. When deep water ways are encountered, additional pontoons can be added for better flotation.


AMPHITREX is Most Effective when it works in areas where the water depth is less than 1.6 meter. For water depth more than 1.6 meter, additional Vice Pontoon with Spuds is required. Because you will never be sure of the water depth of your workplace, fitting the Amphitrex with extra large pontoons will make your work safe. It also reduces downtime of the machine as you do not need to stop to change the size of the floaters. Either way, the Amphitrex will give you the best ROI in its class.


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  High Post Excavator    


High Post Type Excavator is a sophistically modified excavator from standard excavator. A few models are available. Ultratrex HPT Excavator model are: UT 600, UT 850, UT 1150 and UT 1450.


This elevated High Post Type Excavator is able to load and unload break bulk, dry bulk and general cargo improving the overall efficiency and production throughput.


The reach ability of the long arm, the lifting capacity of the machine, and the wide visibility from the moving operator's cab are the key elements of success for this machine to be working in the port, yard and mine.

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